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As well as our normal stash of awesome Brio and биг toy pieces. Could also need to invest in a could that has a flip screen so бол I can actually be sure I am in frame while recording a video. Amazon Affiliate Link - http: In this video I show you guys 5 simple ways to live in a minivan comfortably. Once the sign up, you can start promoting and making money immediately. If you are completely new to affiliate coud online, шар do check out my free 5 connect course: I believe I transitioned not seven months and лол chopped in April connect The vehicle is located in Quartzsite, Arizona. Despite the differences both are very ckuld. Do http fun today! This channel features young dancers who are learning and improving everyday! Kids can hear the real authentic sounds the mothers and their шар make on the farm. This is an Arizona vehicle that has no rust not is set up for camping. You can view the updated video here: For Business Inquiries, contact me at: I hope this video is helpful, A LOT биг you guys ask me what products i use while transitioning and after my big chop the help my hair grow. Hope you all enjoy! A lot лол our ability to mark animals and http what they are is by their color. And here I am! Any money that I earn from this channel, whether from advertising or Amazon Affiliate sales, allows me to focus more on creating content here and less on other freelance work.

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I am very thankful or will be very thankful for having so many things to keep me busy and things that I have always, always loved doing! Do something fun today! In this video I show you guys 5 simple ways to live in a minivan comfortably. Sasnak 6 дней назад Welcome to the Sasnak channel. Come along with me as I travel the nations highways in a classic Pete with a custom " ARI sleeper.

Transmission was replaced by previous owner several years ago. This is an Arizona vehicle that has no rust and is set up for camping. I recently drove it from southwest Arizona to Wyoming and back for the holidays. The van ran perfectly and averaged 26 mpg at 65 mph. Over the past year this van has been driven from Arizona to Wyoming several times, and from Wyoming to New Mexico. It has been very reliable over the past year that I have owned it.

This vehicle is being offered at a discounted rate because of the high mileage and known issues detailed below. My hope is that it will serve the next owner as well as it has served me, but I offer no guarantees with this vehicle. The vehicle is located in Quartzsite, Arizona. Buyers who are not Arizona residents may obtain a day temporary license plate from the motor vehicle office in Parker.

Clean Wyoming title in hand. Well, it turned out that the surprise had some surprises of its own! In this video I try to explain how one surprise led to a cascade of surprises. And wow, some of the surprises along the way were doozies! I hope you enjoy the story. Thanks for being here! Please watch Part Two! We visit this area every summer while we are in Wyoming. This video includes a collection of views from around the Bear Lodge Mountains this June. You are able to sign up for free to Amazon Associates, which is their affiliate program.

Once you sign up, you can start promoting and making money immediately. You can make money online doing this even without a website. What I share with you in this video is a way to make affiliate commissions by promoting products through YouTube videos. Drop them in the comment box below! If you liked the video hit like and subscribe for more! What started as a 4 month adventure is now her lifestyle for the foreseeable future. The Van we rented in Spain: Your encouragement, positivity, and financial support mean more than words can say.

We will make you guys proud with what we do in our travels and gestures of kindness to others. This video revolves around us setting up camp for the RTR. It is going to be such fun to see friends - old and new. We also share the location of the new In-N-Out Burger joint coming to Ehrenberg, give you a glimpse of a future video that highlights our visit to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, and you get to see the generosity of some of our friends.

Have fun with us in Episode 1! We have had to navigate carefully, but we are here and safe: Join us as we start out west and document our journey from how we manage and get by on a modest budget, yet want for nothing, as we have already proved to thrive on the riches that encompass us in so many ways, other than the stuff we only thought we needed I will say that overall, living this lifestyle is more affordable and provides more freedom than renting an apartment.

My name is John and I am a photographer and amateur filmmaker. I studied Graphic Design in college and have been working professionally as a User Experience Designer since In , I bought a class-b RV camper van, and also determined that I would visit every national park in the United States. And here I am! LIKE if you enjoyed the video and want to motivate me to create more of them! Robert Witham 8 месяцев назад I talked in several recent videos about why I am a nomad and why I live in a van. In this video, I address why I chose to become a nomad in my 40s rather than waiting for "retirement" or some other future date.

I was not able to do as much editing as I would have liked on this video. I recently upgraded Adobe Premiere Pro to the version - and it has turned out to be incredibly buggy. Hopefully they release a patch soon, but in the meantime the program crashes frequently. It is beyond frustrating, and the forums are full of similar complaints. This experience may be enough to move me away from the already-bloated and expensive Adobe products altogether.

In Amazon had over 2,, affiliates they used to call them associates and I can only imagine that this number grew a lot by now. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is completely free however it is not as simple as it used to be back in when I started. All "inactive" affiliates get purged if they do not make any sales within days. If you are completely new to affiliate marketing online, please do check out my free 5 day course: Despite the differences both are very entertaining.

Esther the Wonder Pig 5 years ago Bathtime is so much fun! She gets many baths in the summer months and fewer in the frozen ones. Sometimes in the muddy months, more hands are needed to speed the cleaning up and often we are as wet as she is! Adopt a piggy in need from your local sanctuary. TheTalko 3 years ago Short riddle video: Baldness and hair loss is a common attribute found mostly in men, but it effects some women too. Well actually they do! At first glance these mammals and feathers of the sky are barely recognizable without their usual features that distinguish them.

A lot of our ability to mark animals and determine what they are is by their color. You have to take a closer look at things like size, ears and feet to even guess what they are or what family of species they belong to. While some of the animals mentioned in this video are far from being related to humans, they can suffer hair loss or baldness for the same reasons we do--genetics. Each strand of your hair sits in what is known as a follicle. Baldness is caused when the follicles shrink, causing hair to become thinner and shorter.

This also occurs in animals like Dolores, a spectacled bear, which normally have thick, black fur. Sudden hair loss at a zoo in Germany left her with only a mane of fur around her face. Some species carry a baldness gene that cause them to be born without fur. There are breeds of hairless dogs, cats, mice and guinea pigs. Other causes of hair loss in animals that is similar to humans is an autoimmune disease called Alopecia.

This occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks their hair follicles. Patches of hair then start falling out, and may even affect hair loss in other parts of the body, not just the head. Another common cause of hair loss in animals can be due to parasites. Like a common occurrence of bald squirrels, for example where an illness caused by mites are to blame for the lack of fur. Even a raccoon is left unrecognizable after a run-in with the mange or fungal infection. Birds are not safe from this either.

Oscar, a year-old female cockatoo, suffered from a beak and feather disease that caused it to pluck its own feathers because they were irritating her skin. In this video, we will look at ten examples of animals whose follicles have turned against them. See if you can recognize them by their features and the breadcrumbs of clues we leave along the way.

Black Bear Raccoon Parrot Rabbit Squirrel Rat Hedgehog Fox Guinea pig Monkeys For more videos and articles visit:


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